In the pictures: find our selection of men’s sneakers

Sneakers Tod


Choice of chic sneakers

The selection of our chic sneakers can be seen in the pictures. Here, the Deep Multicolor Blank Gold model of sneakers from Herms home.

Flower Studio


Sneakers Dots Tabs

In this Haunder Scheme model (unisex) we see that all the symbols of basketball are renamed by House Dots. Made entirely of soft leather the pair is characterized by brown skin and the alternating tone of its sticks on the heel. Dot Tapes Sneakers White Brown Leather – 490 euros.



Snearkers Lacoste Bayliss Deck

Cultural shock with this model of Lacoste sneakers who did not hesitate to reconsider the traditional and famous boat shoe. Stunning result as elegant with bizarre sea feet. Nappa leather allows flexibility to the sports side. Police Tech Sneakers -90 euros.



Sneakers Bobbies Jack

With this model of gray green thin, the bobbies house basketball is transformed into a sophisticated shoe. The white rubber sole and leather details on the back of the model are reminiscent of sportswear symbols. Sock sneakers – 145 euros.



Basket Jory Kant

With this model of sneakers reminiscent of the aged leather of English club chairs, Conte House offers a very original “PCBG Campaign” version of the sneaker. Made of 100% cowhide, it has a very light rubber base. Basket Jori – 119.95 euros



Sneaker bass celine coach

With a low coach sneaker, Celine offers a sneaker with traditional features. Celine’s signature on the back and front tongue of the shoe adds a slight touch of color. Made of 100% calf leather, it has a rubber sole, where we rediscover the signature of the house. Celine Trainer Low Sneaker on Optical White Calf – 520 Euros

Celine male


Time Basket JM Weston

With this “On Time” model, JM Weston offers home traditional and modern sneakers. Made of soft calfskin, the pair of coaches are reminiscent of a home with a white identical rubber base. Basket on time – 490 euros

JM Weston


Sneaker star Berludi

Maison Berluti returned to basics with the star pair. Its angular design offers a truly locked approach. This pair of sneakers made of calf takes the traditional basketball symbols and shows the touch of modernity with its unique exterior. Calf Star Sneaker – 790 euros



Sneakers Court Classic SL / 10

A minimalist and elegant sneaker. With this model in soft and perforated calf, the St. Laurent house is a review of the traditional sneaker. On the side, the gold St. Laurent inscription adds elegance. The white rubber sole echoes the first sports shoes. Court Classic SL / 10 Sneakers – 495 euros

Short Classic SL / 10 Sneakers Smooth and Perforated Leather by Saint Laurent

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