Imprisonment in trial for exploitation of supply men

Imprisonment in trial for exploitation of supply men

A Milan court on Friday sentenced an official of a company working with Uber Italy, a subsidiary of US corporation Uber, to three years and eight months in prison.Exploitation“Home delivery individuals.

The leader ordered Giuseppe Moldini of the Flash Road city to pay யூ 10,000 each to 44 delivery men involved as civil parties and g 20,000 to the Cgil union.

The other two offenders were sentenced to two years and one year and six months, respectively, but for financial offenses.

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The inquiries, which closed in October 2020, targeted a total of ten people, including Uber Eats workers being exploited and misrepresented.

3 euros per delivery

The workers mentioned in the indictment, “Three euros were paid for a delivery, regardless of the length of the trip“, Weather and delivery time (day / night, holidays).

They too “Notes left by customers arbitrarily were removed“And approved”Arbitrary termination of alleged unemployment benefits“.

As part of the trial, a Milan court decided in May 2020 to place Uber Italy under judicial administration, a move that was revoked last March, citing judges’ progress.Virtuous“.

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