LeBron James et Stephen Curry dans la même équipe NBA ?

Frenchman who played with LeBron, Curry, Wade, Melo, CB3 and Kobe!

Professional athletes invariably say over and over again that a career is inevitably made with a little luck. And as a Frenchman it was a lot, proof, he played a good part in the legends of the years 2000 and 2010.

NBA players are more fortunate than others in their careers. While some have no chance of developing with a superstar or future Hall of Fame, others embark on adventures with real legends. Steve Kerr is one of them, for example, he went from the Bulls to the Spurs and won five league titles …

But is even better. Horace Grant, for example, moved from Chicago with his glasses in the 90s iconic player Michael Jordan And Scotty Pippon, in Orlando Shaquille O’Neill And Penny Hardway, in Los Angeles, where she reunited with Diesel and a young man Kobe Bryant ! In his last season in the league, he saw Carl Malone and Gary Baden land!

The Frenchman became an ally of all legends

It’s something you don’t necessarily expect, but a Frenchman has had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with legends throughout his life. He evolved with LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Twain Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant! A clue to discover his identity: He won the 2012 title with a heat jersey.

No, we’re not talking about big names like Tony Parker, Boris Dio or Michael Beatrice … none other than Ronnie Duriaf, the Frenchman who rubbed his shoulders with these superstars! In fact, Martinique began his career in Los Angeles with Kobe before joining Golden State and a young man. Steff Curry, Then Carmelo Nix, and finally LeBron James and D-Wade Heat. If he had known lesser-known teams, he would have kept a holy address book!

On the other hand, it should be noted that he did not spend much time playing with each of these legends. For example, he played only 13 regular season games and 12 playoffs in Miami, which was enough to win the title. In Los Angeles he will be especially remembered when he was particularly close to Mamba.

Must have some sacred events after receiving Ronnie Duriaf Rubbed shoulders The most legendary in his life … being a strong spinner has its advantages.

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