The night pipe will reopen in London next month The night pipe will reopen in London next month

Piccadilly Circus

The Night Metro service will resume on November 27 on both the Central Line and the Victoria Line.

The London Underground, which starts next month and will operate somewhat overnight on Fridays and Saturdays, will help revitalize the capital’s bars, restaurants and other nightlife businesses, but will, above all, allow thousands of people to return home safely at night, especially women.

A recovery that goes hand in hand with the recovery of nightlife

The number of Metro users is half as big as it was before the epidemic. But that number is gradually changing, with the number of passengers out of peak hours on weekends reaching 80% of 2019 figures. So Metro regains its central place in the Londoners’ movement, and the reopening of its night service is good news for all companies in the world of nightlife.

These companies have been particularly affected by the crisis and nightclubs, for example, have only resumed service since mid-July. After a year and a half of lost revenue, the reopening of the night metro will help revive this economy.

Go home safely

Signed by more than 140,000 people, Student Ella Watson’s petition to restore the service may have influenced this decision. He explained at the time that “a well-lit and well-connected underground network, CCTV platform and properly trained security personnel are the best way to ensure the return of millions of women across London”. , Evening and night. “

From business Sabina In And Sarah Evert, The issue of women’s safety on the streets of London has been at the center of many debates. London Mayor Sadiq Khan realized the importance of the service “for the safety of everyone returning home at night, and especially for the safety of women and girls.” The TfL network has issued a very similar statement in this regard.

What about the remaining lines?

The Mayor of London and the DFL confirmed their close cooperation, saying “everything (they) can do to get the entire night underground network restarted as soon as possible”. After losing a few billion pounds to the epidemic, they are now seeking government funding to recruit the necessary staff.

Meanwhile, the old night underground network, North, Piccadilly and the Jubilee Line, is expected to close at least until 2022. DFL has also announced that it is exploring the possibility of reopening the Overnight Night service.

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