Spider-Man: Tom Holland talking about ‘the end of the franchise’ shown in No Way Home photos

Spider-Man : No Way Home se présente en photos tandis que Tom Holland parle de

All good things (and even less good ones) come to an end, and it is well known. Without making sure to put an end to adventures Spider man Will be placed with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Actor Tom Holland Recently came back to the microphone‘Entertainment Weekly His feelings for a third solo dedicated to him. Two pictures as a bonus, the second Trailer Is constantly delayed.

Brand new day coming?

There is nothing too crisp about the two films exposed by the American media. We see Tom Holland In costume, aside from company Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), On the other hand (actually) was thrown into the air M.J. (Zentaya) No, of course the data that most people are interested in will be the actor’s statements during his last interview.

He expressed himself to express his feelings Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland That fact must be taken into account. “Was considered the end of the right“- This is the shortest logic to date, the deal is bound Tom Holland To Marvel Studios Finished with this picture. He explains that he needs to get back into character.We’ll see something else“Adding that he doesn’t know”It will happen or not“. Of course, with openness Multivers Return characters from old films Spider man In No way home, Opportunities for Weaver Plenty on the big screen, depending on the good understanding between them Sony Pictures And Marvel Studios.

Until these questions are answered, your impatience and two new photos can be found below. The film is set to release in theaters on December 15, 2021 John Watts.


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