“Relations between Paris and London have never been so bad”

"Relations between Paris and London have never been so bad"

She is our best enemy, relative is sometimes the best, sometimes the executor. From Brexit, tensions have piled up between London and Paris, with Boris Johnson never failing to burn. Among the thorny issues in progress: fishing, border control, the case of Irish and, of course, Australian submarines.

Fishing, because London did not have its commitment to license the French; Borders, because Paris accuses it of not restricting the flow of immigrants crossing the Channel; The submarine affair for the Ireland and Trafalgar conspiracy in the context of Brexit, which is the participation of our neighbors in the Accus Agreement. We talked to you a lot on this podcast.

Peter Ricketts, the former British ambassador to France between 2012 and 2016, told the Guardian that there were no France-UK relations. “It has never been worse“And “The French have completely lost faith in the United Kingdom as an ally.”. In the Guardian, Sylvie Berman, former French ambassador to the United Kingdom, arguesIn Paris, it is estimated that Great Britain will no longer respect the treaties it signs..

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