LinkedIn Says Goodbye to China: Company Says “Country Audit Strict” | Technology

LinkedIn Says Goodbye to China: Company Says "Country Audit Strict" |  Technology

LinkedIn has announced its withdrawal from China as it has already been hard pressed by China’s audit demands. In response, they said they were developing a work-only processor called “InJobs” which they expect to be added later this year.

Microsoft’s social network is based on business use, business and employment, and will soon close its services in China because “it is becoming increasingly difficult to comply with the country’s audit rules.”

According to the information provided BBCThis came after the site received requests to “block” the profiles of some Chinese journalists.

LinkedIn withdraws from China

Senior Vice President of LinkedIn, Mohawk Shroff, Shared a Release On the social network he said: We face an operating environment Significantly more challenging And higher compliance requirements in China.

On the other hand, the company shared in a statement, “We hope to be able to get one this time Version of LinkedIn designed for Chinese users. However, there will continue to be a strong presence in the country to run our next resume. ‘Injops’ At the end of this year. ”

Earlier, Chinese officials condemned both LinkedIn Like search engine Ping And others More than 100 applications Was involved in “Incorrect collection of user data” And they demanded an immediate solution.

InJobs, an application dedicated to work

Application for InJobs In the meantime, it will be Intended for work only And will not add one Canal Community Or the ability to share publications or articles in their original edition.

Until now, LinkedIn has been The best western social media site It has been operating in China since its launch in the country in 2014.


At the time the company agreed Meet government needs Can operate there, but Promised to be transparent About how he ran his business. Apart from this, he also highlighted his presence Complete disagreement with government censorship The country lives.

The BBC confirmed that Linein had added him “Blacklist” Many accounts of journalists, were within them Melissa Chan And Greg Bruno, Belongs to the same website based in China. The reason? Bruno pointed to the verdict that it appeared from a The book he wrote Documents China’s treatment of Tibetan refugees.

At the same store, he commented that he was not surprised The Chinese Communist Party does not want that. But in the same way he said “an American technology company regretted submitting to the demands of the foreign government.”

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