Fake comments, false compliments: Apple and 700 other companies targeted by US regulator

Apple is an objective with nearly 700 companies Warning Fake reviews and deliberately misleading comments by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in their online store and elsewhere. The match controller recalled that a fine of up to $ 43,792 could be imposed for this violation.

FTC does not elaborate on Apple, but we do know that there are plenty of fake reviews in the App Store, even a real business that sells fake rave reviews and ratings to boost apps. Parasites in the rankings. Attract poor bugs who are thus at risk of being deceived.

App Store: These fraudulent applications that escape verification

App Store: These fraudulent applications that escape from Apple’s verification

Sure, the App Store cleans up regularly, but in this cat and mouse game, Apple has always failed: the mechanisms invested by the manufacturer are not enough to effectively and foreclose on all fake ideas. Note fakes and some dishonest developers are always finding new ways to deceive their world.

App Store: These sensible techniques for getting good stars

App Store: These sensible techniques for getting good stars

Apple is not alone in FTC’s view. The list of targeted companies is long: we’re put together, we’ll see Beats, but implementation, Adobe, Airbnb, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Blizzard, Dell, eBay, Epic, Facebook, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Microsoft, and The FTC states that a company on the list of advertising brands, advertising agencies, etc. has nothing to be ashamed of. But this is a call for order.

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