Essential.  John Deere workers join the strike movement in the United States

Essential. John Deere workers join the strike movement in the United States

One and a half years after the epidemic, many American workers are pressing for an increase that is commensurate with the profits of their companies, while the United States is experiencing labor shortages. On Friday, October 15, the quartz says that the workers of John Deere Group, the king of tractors, began their first strike in thirty-five years.

On the night of October 14-15, workers at the John Deere factories went on strike, the first in a 35-year global farm equipment company in the Midwest. Highlighted Quartz. The green and yellow tractor brand unions are opposed to a corporate deal to increase the wages and pensions of current employees while changing the pension savings plan for future employees.

The year promises “more profit” To the company, and employees think it is not in line with increased profits. John Deere expects to earn around 5 5 billion, 63% more than the previous year’s record. The strike occurs “Amidst the wave of labor activity in the manufacturing, health and entertainment industries in the United States”, Take a look at the American news site.

Injustice increases

Contract rejected by workers immediately increased by 5% or 6%, as well as 3% increases for 2023 and 2025, details Quartz. Statistics that seem “Absurd” Compared to the recent pay rise of CEO John May. The latter received nearly 14 million euros in 2020, an increase of 160% compared to 2019.

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