Eagles – Buccaneers (22-28): Tampa Bay was very strong

Eagles - Buccaneers (22-28): Tampa Bay was very strong

Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) -Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1): 22-28

Despite a late rise from the Eagles, the Buchanans dominated the game on the ground and in the air. Tom Brady (34/42, 297 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT) looks more immortal than ever, while Leonard Fornet (127 yards, 2 DT) managed one of the best matches of his career in the colors of Tampa Bay. In addition to the two major interruptions, security work was also completed.

In front of Jalan Hertz (12/26, 115 yards, 1 DT, 1 IND, 44 yards on the ground, 2 DT on the ground) a Nick Syrian could not help again. Security seemed to be compromised in every action, and the weaknesses of these employees were greater than ever.

With this win Tampa is in more racing than ever at the NFC, while Billy goes a long way.

An offensive start to the match

The protection of eagles has a specialty: being strong against the weak and weak against the strong. And Tampa Bay is very strong. Tom Brady distributes from the first drive, after a theatrical action model (0-7) he finds four different targets for Touchdown, including OJ Howard (40 yards, 1 TD).

Eagles respond quickly, with very little surgery but are very effective. Jalen Hurts passes twice in the 3rd attempt, with Cue Watkins (44 yards) helping Jameel Dean well before intercepting from 45 yards to give the Eagles a huge advantage. Zach Erts (29kg, 1TD) finishes the job, taking the Philadelphia (7-7).

Tom Brady, who also enlists the help of his ground game by Leonard Bornett, is not worried enough. Antonio Brown (93kg, 1TD) will not have to worry about security in the region finding the region to get back through a touchdown (7-14).

The rhythm calms down and the attacks increase approx. Jalan Hurts in particular throws an interception into Jameel Dean’s hands, under the dose and onto the receiver’s inner shoulder, which is hard to accept. Tampa Bay did not miss the opportunity and the inevitable Fornet scored a touchdown half time before half time (7-21).

At 73 against 237 yards, Tampa Bay is in control and the interception Brady agreed at the end of the first act had no effect other than giving Anthony Harris a statistical sequence.

Buccaneers in control

The beginning of the second act is like the first: the dominance of the tampa on the ground, and the shattered defense of the eagles. Fornet is fun, and touching unilaterally (7-28). It would at least qualify to raise the Eagles, who, using a new interception, move forward and switch to the ground in a touchdown of Jalan Hurts (14-28). It’s dull, but the Eagles are regaining (a little) confidence.

The Eagles have a chance to get close again, but Jack Elliott’s field goal, especially on the drive by Devonta Smith and Cuse Watkins, goes right after the receivers’ good effort. It was only a postponement and Milen Sanders (66 yards) marks a new touch in the Jalan Hurts race after an excellent ride on the field (22-28).

But the best players make the difference in the best moments. Tom Brady found Antonio Brown in the third attempt to close the fate of this match. Checkmate.

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