Australia builds a semi-automatic rover at NASA to detect oxygen on the moon in 2026

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Australia has agreed to build a 20-kilogram (44 44) semi-autonomous lunar rover to go to the moon in 2026 by NASA in search of oxygen.

The rover will collect soil containing oxides and NASA will use separate equipment to extract oxygen from that soil, the government statement said. Oxygen taken from the lunar surface will eventually be used to maintain human presence on the moon and to support future missions to Mars.

This untitled image, released by the Australian Space Agency, depicts an imaginary scene on the moon. Australia has agreed to build a 20-kilogram (44 44) semi-autonomous lunar rover to go to NASA’s moon in search of oxygen by 2026, the Australian government announced on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. AP)

Anthony Murfett, deputy director of the Australian Space Agency, said NASA was fascinated by the technology of remotely controlling 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) of dump trucks carrying iron ore from mines in northwestern Australia.

NASA executive Bill Nelson said the deal strengthened relations with Australia and spanned more than 50 years with space exploration.

The deal depends on whether the rover meets the continuing conditions during its development


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