Updated screening releases of Madden NFL22 on PS5, PS4

A significant part of the exaggerated cycle that led to the release of the Madden NFL 22 focused on changes made to the game’s scout system in EA Sports Franchise mode. This is very basic, both in the beginning and in the previous entries. You will receive a few points each week for revealing additional information about those you wish to recruit.

With the latest addition to the release, the entire system has been redesigned. Now you can hire and fire scouts, recruit them and explore the details of the college players you want to draft. You will get data on their performance in the NFL campaign, and the rest of the league will focus on the players you watch and affect draft predictions.

This is an absolutely huge change, and while EA Sports is still a long way from getting the owner mode of its primary American football simulation on par with NBA 2K22, we look forward to digging into these changes to see how much they add to the core owner experience.

Of course, the latest update of Madden NFL 22 is not limited to the new scout system. A new ranking system with various rewards has been added to The Yard, while various traditional uniforms and player makeup have been added. Other improvements have been made to send the card – which was a problem in the beginning – and there is even a new X-factor to boot.

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