Sakashvili calls the reason for his return to Georgia “infinite depression” :: Politics :: RBC

Sakashvili calls the reason for his return to Georgia "infinite depression" :: Politics :: RBC

The former president of Georgia wrote that he was able to see Padumi and Kudaisi, as well as eat Kachchapuri. In Tbilisi, he ordered Kinkali, but was unable to complete them before arrest

Former President of Georgia Mikhail Sakashvili said he had returned to his homeland due to unavoidable and boundless depression. He is about it Said In an interview with the Georgian TV channel Mtavari TV.

So, when asked about his reasons for returning, Sakashvili replied: “It’s inevitable, boundless depression. Every night I dream about different places in Georgia. <...> I think when we look at democracy, geopolitics, the destruction of internal institutions, we think we have crossed the line of no return.

Sakashvili writes that this is not his first attempt to come to Georgia. “It didn’t go exactly as I had planned. Something was done to make the first attempt almost a tragic end,” he said.

During his four-day secret stay in Georgia, he traveled to Batumi, Kudaysi, Bodi, and Lanchkudi, and “ate ribs in the Rikotsky Sea,” Sakashvili said. “In Tbilisi, I was ordered to serve Kinkali, but I was only able to eat a piece before being arrested,” the politician said.

Georgian officials announced Sakashvili’s condition after announcing a hunger strike

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