Pete Rose is not a fan of Joey Callow

Pete Rose is not a fan of Joey Callow

During the trading period, the Yankees made two big catches when they bought Joey Gallo and Anthony Risso. But as we all know Joey Gallo is not doing well with the Yankees. In fact, he did nothing to help.

Former Cincinnati Reds Pete Rose is not a gallo fan. He attacked the outfielder.

This is the worst offensive line they can put on the pitch. Their six to nine hitters are all automatic strikes. (Aaron) Judge and (Giancarlo) Stanton had to do something. If they weren’t, all the pressure was on Joey Gallo. You saw how it happened.

Pete Rose

How can someone who doesn’t play every day take out 213 times? Ray Charles would not have made so many strikes. I could not imagine hitting the bat 213 times without killing me.

Pete Rose

Unfortunately for Rose, he will have to endure another calo season in the Yankees uniform. South Pav will not become a free agent until the end of the 2022 season. With the shows he has given to the Yankees so far, I have no idea he will be back later.

In 58 games with the Bronx Bombers, Gallo scored 13 home runs, but only 160. In the most important game of the season, he finished at zero, with a strikeout.

If anyone knows who wins the playoffs, it’s Pete Rose. But hey, he has not yet qualified for the Hall of Fame.

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