If Google is banned from speaking, employees can finally fight – release

If Google is banned from speaking, employees can finally fight - release
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of prosecuting current and former Google employees for allegedly forbidding them to talk about their pay and working conditions.

Speaking of a job interview, what was your last salary? Prohibited. Contact the media to denounce discrimination in your workplace? Prohibited. However, it condemned many of Google’s employees. But the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday A Report Le San Francisco Chronicle: If these restrictions are proven, former and current employees can now sue the company.

This is the result they have been waiting for for five years. The first complaint dates back to 2016. That year, two more former employees, named Google Product Manager John Doe – anonymously – accused the U.S. company of blocking secret agreements signed by all employees. Analysts, the press, the public … discuss dangerous or discriminatory working conditions among themselves. The same goes for salary with a potential new employer.

This is not the first time a California-based company has been criticized for its employees’ working conditions. In February alone, he had to pay $ 3.8 million after allegations of wage discrimination against women and people of Asian descent. Appeared a month ago, the first union of its parent company Alphabet was launched “By surprise” By more than 200 employees. “With the turmoil of recent years, we thought it was necessary to organize collectively.”Then one of them, Allen, explained Release, In 2019, four employees are known to have publicly criticized the giant, citing dismissal.

Legal Ping Pong

For its part, Google formally refuses to ban talking about the pay and working conditions of its employees. In 2016, a spokesman explained to Reuters that the specified confidential duties – above all – to protect important business information. Nevertheless, the National Labor Relations Board, for the first time, approved the giant after another complaint defending the rights of workers in the private sector, an independent federal body. For 60 days, he issued a notice confirming the rights of the employees “Discuss other employees’ salaries, time, working conditions, news / media (and) other third parties”.

Starting legal ping-pong competition, the company will try to dismiss the lawsuit initiated by its employees. His argument plays the lines: working conditions are governed by a federal law, so California justice cannot be determined. The idea was first verified by a San Francisco High Court judge before it was overturned by the state’s first district appellate court in September 2020. Damages to these barriers.

The following? The state Supreme Court refuses to reconsider the case. Also, this Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court began efforts if it rejected Google’s appeal. But will the move free the word of the multinational staff? Not taken as a legal step. Reform of the mind can take a long time.

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