Herschel Walker's campaign says swastika profile photo is not to support sectarianism

Herschel Walker’s campaign says swastika profile photo is not to support sectarianism

Herschel Walker’s campaign for one of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats issued a statement in response to a profile photo used by a fundraising host, not only to express anti-Semitism or anti-Semitism, but also to express anti-Semitism.

Perry, GA – September 25: Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker took part in a U.S. rally on September 25, 2021 in Perry, Georgia. Georgia Secretary of State Jodi Highs (R-GA) and Georgia Lieutenant Governor candidate Senator Burt Jones (R-GA) appeared as guests at the rally. (Photo by Sean Raford /.)

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one of the hosts of this weekend’s event is Bettina Viviano, owner of the entertainment business. This is a $ 500 fundraiser for Herschel Walker per participant, with the option of donating $ 5,800 in addition to a photo exam with the Cernet candidate.

However, reporter Patricia Murphy raised another concern about Viviano – her profile picture appeared to be a swastika made of hypodermic needles.

Walker’s campaign responded by calling the logo “mandatory anti-vaccine graphic” and denying any connection with anti-Semitism or sectarianism.

Viviano changed the profile photo – although the archived copy shows the image of the swastika, the current profile photo bears the “God Bless Texas” flag.

[Screenshot via Bettina Viviano/Twitter]

However, she did not delete many of the tweets her account responds to news articles or other posts using this image – like the tweet below, which responded to the Newsweek article with a swastika. Needle, followed by an “F *** Joe Biden” flag image and other anti-print campaign.

Walker has the support of former President Donald Trump, although the Associated Press has raised issues in his past, including allegations that he repeatedly threatened his ex-wife’s life.

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