He finished in the London Marathon pilot gear and set an impossible world record


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Running a marathon in pilot costume is George Crawford’s extraordinary challenge. Why? Probably to make an appearance. At least we can say that it is successful.

In early October, the 38-year-old computer engineer lit up the London race with his Aston Martin F1 suit. Yes, you have to pick a British team to stay in the theme. Also, the Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel team paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Helmets, gloves, tops, everything was there and 30-something did not disappoint. 42 kilometers ran well in these conditions for a very acceptable time of 3 hours 58 minutes.

Of course, this performance was noticed and even awarded the Guinness World Record, but not only that.

Yes, in addition to impressive lungs, this runner has a big heart. For the event, the 38-year-old decided to raise funds. In total, a little over, 4,300 was raised for an association to help with mental disorders.


Beyond the human aspect, we need to underline this man’s incredible sporting performance. Suffice it to say he must have lost a few pounds of sweat in this race, no problem, F1 Wetsuits are used to it.

Clement Fourier

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