Franோois Closet “Not really pretty or so ugly”: why he owes a lot to two American stars

Franோois Closet "Not really pretty or so ugly": why he owes a lot to two American stars

With the poster of Philip Le Quay’s The Man of the Underworld, Fran்கois Cluset believed in his evolution in cinema at Figaro. It was in this particular context that two American actors implicitly allowed him.

Thanks to his main role in the film was revealed to the public Do not tell anyone Of Guilloma Connaught, who also earned him Award for Best Actor in 2017 CaesarFranுவாois Closet has been starring in some of the best films ever since. From Small handkerchiefs To Country doctor Passes UntouchablesThe French actor quickly became A reference to theatrical films In France. In addition to his acting, he is particularly indebted to the Florentine and Simon courses, his attitude and his physique Attracts many directors. Thanks to him he was able to Get the main role In the movie The man in the basement By Philip Le Quay. The actor, who shares his life with Nargis Slavi-Balko, tells Figaro: “ One day while we were having lunch, I arrived late, Hair and tense air in the cracker. I was at speed. Stunned, he looked at me strangely and said: “At first I didn’t think of you, but now it’s clear. I want you to play the lead role in my next film. An atheist, very unbalanced. ”

Until a few years ago, the main characters were assigned Attractive actors. Still, ” With his versatile physique, (…) is not really pretty or ugly 2, as described Lee Figaro, Franசois Closet was still able to win In the world of cinema. He is also particularly indebted to two American actors, with whom he is often compared: Dustin Hoffman and Al Pacino. These two monuments of American cinema paved the way for it Ugly actors, Those with a face and a particular style far removed from Hollywood standards, especially those who can be identified when appearing in a film. Franோois Closet is less likely to be misunderstood as another actor.

Closet in rejector’s shoes

Franுவாois Closet will play The character of a villain, In this film based on a true story. A couple are going to sell their basement to a man they think they can trust. This man, played by Franஸ்கois Closet An atheist. Hell begins for the couple. This is not the first time Fran பிரான்ois Clusette has accepted the role of the big villain, as he explains to Lig Figaro. In Chaprol’s 1994 film L’enber, I already tried my hand at fitness. (R). It is our duty, the actors, to play the bastards. ⁇

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