Exploring Mars on Foot: Here is a new tutorial on extraterrestrial human missions on the Red Planet

Exploring Mars on Foot: Here is a new tutorial on extraterrestrial human missions on the Red Planet

Considering the upcoming missions to Mars, the astronauts are training in environments like Planet Earth. In recent days, as many online newspapers have reported these hours, a simulation of a trip to Mars took place in Maktesh Ramon, the largest crater with ecological properties similar to the red planet.

Mars voyage in the Negro desert (photo by Roynews)
Mars in the Negro Desert: Details (Photo by Roynews)

The land is really colored Red, especially dry and slightly watery, Because it is located Deserto del Negev. The experiment was specifically organized by the Austrian Space Forum (SASIK), as Roy News writes, in collaboration with the Israeli Space Agency (ISA). What is it about?

Tuesday (Photo by ILMeteo)
Waterless Mars (Photo by IlMeteo)

Explore the feet that simulate the Martian surface in the NEGEV dessert.

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They are participating in the Mars program You are astronauts Who will live in solitude on a very small site until the end of October, so about twenty days, a day like setting foot on Mars. The six astronauts are all Europeans, precisely from Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Israel, and will be in these conditions until October 31 next. They can during their stay in the Negev Desert Leave space only to wear space clothes, They are well aware of the use of heavy and special clothing in hostile environments, as well as being on an unknown planet. Named for the mission AMADEE-20 Mars Simulation, And operated by a support center located in Austria, which aims to conduct experiments in view of new human and robotic expeditions to the Red Planet.

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According to Harrets, the six astronauts will have to complete missions while staying on Mars, in particular. 24 searches, “In an arid environment that is not subject to any human influence, including dealing with atmospheric pollution – Roy News writes; Jernad Groomer, The Managing Director of the Austrian Space Forum commented: “The Raman crater in the Negev Desert is really like the conditions that astronauts face on Mars.” He later concluded: “Soil composition, extreme weather, and even the type of minerals in the soil are characteristics that hold the Israeli desert similar to Mars. So it was decided to turn it into a research base and conduct experiments on rovers and robots in the field.”

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