Ben Simmons gets dirty with a six: “We’ll never tell him to take a shot”

Les joueurs des Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid et Danny Green, ont récemment essuyé un vent de la part de leur coéquipier, le meneur star de NBA Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons may have some moments Annoying During his first training sessions with his teammates. For a few weeks “disrespect”, there will be things he has to forgive. He can’t avoid some jokes like a soldier …

Ben Simmons He was one of the few players in the league’s recent history to lose his position with his leaders … Unlike Anthony Davis or James Horton, who managed to join their dream owner, the Australian leader had to set aside his pride to return to Pennsylvania after his long strike. One decision was strongly encouraged by his agent Rich Paul, who also appeared to be bitter …

After receiving He snatched his teammates for long weeksAfter giving a big wind in Los Angeles and wanting to convince him to come back to training, Ben Simmons will undoubtedly face some bad looks in his first days with the team. Joel Empit should be happy to find a player of such size in the perspective of a title, but he should be hard to forget everything.

Danny Green slowly watches Ben Simmons having fun

Necessarily questioned in this regard, the Sixers players also seem a little dark about this surprising comeback. Will reunion be embarrassing, and will alchemy always be there? Many questions will be answered only on the day of the Australian President’s return. While waiting for the lucky date, Danny Green was delighted to unveil a giant at a press conference.

If Ben Simmons wants to apologize, he won’t if he doesn’t want to. Where none of us care. We want him to come, to be equal, to do his work. I’m not going to ask him to do anything other than what he usually does. He is very talented when he does what he can and we are very good as a team.

With him I think we are the best team in the East. I’m not going to tell him to take pictures anymore, I just want him to be professional and do his job. If he wants to apologize, that’s a good thing. But when we work with people and they are not, we can’t always wait for explanations.

Danny Green no longer wants to offend his point guard, so he won’t tell him to take pictures if he doesn’t realize it. A cute little troll showing Sixer’s attitude towards the leader. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. We need to see if everyone shares this opinion with the workers.

Ben Simmons will not be coming to the captured ground this season. He needs to rebuild a relationship of trust with his teammates, which is not easy. I hope he doesn’t touch in the face of some jokes.

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