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Statistics Yelich 2021

Throughout the year we waited for the bat Christian Yelich It will show why he is considered one of the most valued young talents in the field of Major League Baseball.

But that never happened.

And after a painful withdrawal Milwaukee Today there is an honest response from gardeners: “I want to be good. I had a lot of opportunities this year and in the playoffs. I failed. That’s how it is, it’s part of the game. You have to accept it, overcome it and move forward “…

This attack is what happens if the attack is in the playoffs Liquor makers They need motivation and wood Yelich. If our English fails ask it here:

How did Yelich do it this year?

Well, not so good, the gardener has been dragging his feet since 2020, where he made everyone wait a while (and with that $ 200 million deal).

Yelich He won this 2021 for his worst numbers and dropped out of the top 5, 10 and 20 in which he had his whole life on various scales.

Here is the picture, but some quick details: The second worst average after joining the Majors (.248), the worst home run record (worse than 2020 and this is a short period) and the worst OPS.

Do you know where he stood alone? Walking with 70 (top 10 in the league).

Statistics Yelich 2021

And in the playoffs?

Only one data: 3 wins in 15-battle.

Courage, Yelich, see you next year.

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