Will you return to Spain from 2022 for the tricky Ricky?

Will you return to Spain from 2022 for the tricky Ricky?

Pav Casol ended his life in Barcelona and his brother Mark recently returned to Spain, another face of Spanish basketball that may return to his country in the future. Her name? Ricky Rubio wants to make a season with Cleveland. It amazes me that he plans to come back …

What would you do if you attended Ricky Rubio’s last season in the NBA? No one can predict the future but it is in any situation presented by a particular Anthony Timi, a Spanish journalist. Spar. Thanks for the translationEurohopsIf the NBA does not give him a better chance than he currently has in Cleveland, we know that Rubio already has “many options” to return to Spain from 2022. FYI, Rubio is entering the final year of his three-year, $ 51 million contract this season.. Again, Ricky had to go from Minnesota to Cleveland during the off-season. So he will be wearing a fourth-team jersey in four years (after Utah, Phoenix and the Wolves), and it can be said that the Cavaliers for the leader of the 30 brushes who logically try do not really represent the dream space. Forms a competitive team. Rubio’s experience in helping young couples Colin Sexton and Darius Garland will be invaluable, so we imagine that the MVP World Cup 2019 is a creation from Cleveland who wants to compete in the playoffs in the East with other scenes in mind to continue his career.

“This is a complicated situation. He is entering the final year of his contract and has no chance of winning or making it to the playoffs. We can move on to Rubio’s final year in the NBA. I think we can come back to Spain and even Barcelona [son ancien club, ndlr.]. ⁇

– Anthony Timial

Well, it’s still a long way off, but apparently it’s a situation that has not been ruled out. In the meantime, we can clearly see Ricky Rubio’s season in Cleveland, but such a deadline Next trading deadline, The Spanish leader could be one of the moving candidates, especially if the guards reach a new cover season. Then Once he is a free agent, Rubio may be interested in ambitious rights Because he is one of the most experienced leaders who can do good for a team in need, even if it is a very tough campaign for the Wolves. Not so long ago, Ricky took part in the renaissance of the sun, not to be forgotten. During the last Olympics, Kevin Durant, along with Rudy Cobert & C, proved that he had a few more by winning the top five. Those who took the 38 soldiers from Ricky by the mouth during the quarterfinals of the tournament say the opposite is not the case with the Americans.

Can Ricky Rubio return to Spain? Sounds like a bit of a foregone conclusion but it will be an issue to see next summer. The season he achieves with the Guards will have to define a lot of things about his future in the Great League anyway.

Source text: Eurohops

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