The movie “Titanium” makes you believe how to vote for Hollywood

The movie "Titanium" makes you believe how to vote for Hollywood

After Palm D’Or, the Oscars? Titanium Has been selected to represent France at the Oscars. Julia Ducorna’s film with Agatha Russell and Vincent Lyndon was at the forefront North Bagh By Cedric Jimenez, great public success, and Event Audrey Diwan, Golden Lion in Venice will be released on November 24 in France.

This confusing and sulphurous story about a woman who is pregnant from the truck was chosen by France to preserve our colors, but only a few foreign films will be selected. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “It simply came to our notice then that France had chosen a different film.” 20 minutes Didier Aloch, Reporter for Canal + in Los Angeles. Titanium In the United States he is a real event, where he wins at the box office and a small cult around him is developing. Therefore, he has all the chances in the final exam. “

Same distributors as “parasite”

Jean-Christophe Raymond, producer Titanium, No longer feeling happy. “It’s great to see it being a work that speaks to young people who have chosen both a genre film and an author’s film,” he admits. 20 minutes. We consider ourselves outsiders and now Neon, the American distributor of the film, has to campaign that the film should be noticed by the voters. The company said it knew the neon Oscar was on the back of its hand: even these distributors Parasite Korean Pang Jun-ho came out in 2020 with no less than four statues.

Such a valuable fate awaits Julia Ducorna because the Oscar Academy did not say its last word. “I would not be surprised Titanium It is also mentioned in other sections that it is a foreign film only, Didier Aloch insists. I have rarely seen such hysteria. When I did micro-walks, I had no negative feedback. Americans were impressed by not knowing how to make this type of cinema. “

Fierce competition

We only know that at the beginning of 2022 Titanium Appears in five Oscar-nominated foreign films. Movies by famous directors such as A hero d’Asghar Farhadi ou
Julie (in 12 chapters) Well placed by Joachim Trier. “Our goal is to get a nomination,” says Jean-Christophe Raymond. We are in a happy waiting mood. This is the last French film to be honored Pathetic Lodge Lee left empty-handed Parasite In 2019. But Didier Alloch is optimistic Titanium. “I already welcome Julia Ducorna on the red carpet,” believes the Canal + reporter in the United States. We cross fingers with him.

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