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JNTU | Did you know .. JNTUH (JTU) has created an opportunity for students who are unfamiliar with the B.Tech Computer Science subject or cannot get a seat in it .. Students enrolled in Engineering course like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics with dissatisfaction can now get CSE type software jobs. The new education system has been implemented from the 2021-22 academic year. As a result, first-year and second-year students can pursue computer science and engineering courses in engineering, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics.

JNTU Hyderabad (JNTU Hyderabad) has decided to offer new courses in Computer Science, CSE combined with AI, Mission Learning, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security, IoT etc. for third year and final year students studying Engineering. Students who successfully complete these courses will be awarded a BTech degree and an additional minor degree.

JNTUH Registrar Professor Manzoor Hussain clarified that he would provide in writing which syllabus he has completed to this extent. He said those who have completed minor degrees with B.Tech will also be able to do IT jobs on par with CSE students in the future. JNTU Hyderabad officials have been working for almost two years for such a new education policy.

Information on this policy has already been provided to private engineering colleges affiliated with JNTUH. JNTUH officials were able to make this decision as new courses affiliated with CSE are now available in about 50 private engineering colleges under JNTUH.

The next decade is mine.

University professors believe that only five new courses are currently trending in the face of changing circumstances, and that there will be no shortage of job opportunities in the coming decades for young people who complete those courses. Fastier and Secondary students pursuing engineering courses such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic must earn 20 credit points in their respective courses. Must have passed all the exams related to these two years. About 25 to 30 percent of students each year have the opportunity to take advantage of such an opportunity. Private engineering colleges have already been given permission to teach these courses. The faculty is ready for this.

You can also prepare online

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Engineering students who have opted for CDSE affiliate courses as BTech specialization have no fear about the curriculum. In addition to classroom teaching, online courses are also available to study these courses. That is why students can make their own decision. However, according to the syllabus developed by JNTUH, preparation is required to pass the exams. UGC has already offered the opportunity to prepare through online teaching sites such as Mooks.

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