London is calling the G7 for global action

London is calling the G7 for global action

Global distribution problems, especially with the post-epidemic recovery, have hit the United Kingdom in particular as demand for logistics has increased.

British President Rishi Sunak will call on G7 Finance to meet in Washington for “integration” to make supply chains around the world “more flexible”. Global distribution issues, Especially coming from troubles and The demand for logistics increased With the post-epidemic recovery, especially the United Kingdom was hit, where they got worse with Brexit.

Support for poor countries

This complicates the methods of transporting goods and workers, especially the shortage of truck drivers. Rishi Sunak will attend the G20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting during the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WP) in Washington.

He should call on his international colleagues to increase their support for working with poor countries, especially in relation to vaccines against Covid 19, and in switching to carbon neutrality. He also welcomed the latest IMF forecast, in which the G7’s fastest growth forecast for 2021 was 6.8% for the UK.

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