LeBron and Tremond were fined by a celebrity!

NBA Skip se lâche sur Draymond Green

We may be an orange ball superstar, but that doesn’t stop us from being denied from time to time. LeBron James and Tremond Green had a bitter experience recently, after a famous analyst followed them … Words are strong!

If they do not hesitate to talk about important social issues, especially the struggle for civil rights, LeBron James And Tremond Green Shows a more reserved approach to Covid 19. While other stars have publicly called for all stars to be vaccinated, Raja has repeatedly refused to take a stand on the issue. And the Warriors player is not very different in his attitude …

Recently, Dancing Pierre explained that he would not specifically vaccinate his teammates, taking the example of the Andrew Wiggins case. Not everyone likes this behavior, and Brian Windhorst certainly doesn’t like it. Passes Hoop Collective Podcast, AnalystESPN So used the opportunity to challenge the interior and the locker. According to him, their ambiguity in this matter is simply dangerous:

“LeBron and Tremond Green are in bad faith, it’s dangerous”

The tough position taken by Draymond and LeBron is that they express the slogan “more than an athlete” where they say they can use our influence to do things beyond basketball. This is clearly the evolution of a modern athlete, in a clearly positive direction.

But the problem is, they seem to choose their subjects. That is why it is dangerous to do this. Because in some things you can’t say more than an athlete, and then in other things “I know what, who am I to say?” This creates an atmosphere of false hope.

The words are harsh, but there are still a lot of facts. With their leadership position in the league, Tray and LBJ have considerable influence, especially when it comes to the opinions of those around them. This applies not only to other players, but also to the general public. Years later, he claims to be more than just an athlete living in his bubble, the behavior of two men is akin to a setback.

It still causes a lot of damage as many athletes still refuse to inject. Kyrie Irving And the most famous cases of Jonathan Isaac, admitted under pressure by Andrew Wiggins … But not without seriously scratching the gold state in the process. This type of business is not needed by the league, and the strong involvement of superstars will go a long way in solving the problem.

Brian Windhorst has not yet picked up the glove, after which Greene and James’ ears must have whistled. It remains to be seen whether this will have a positive effect on both men and the remaining refractions!

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