Kovit-19: Occurrence rate eruption, mask re-enforced ... What's going on in the lodge?

Kovit-19: Occurrence rate eruption, mask re-enforced … What’s going on in the lodge?

Lozère’s incidence rate increased by 252% in one week. According to the latest statistics from the Public Health France, the Occidental sector in France has the highest incidence rate in France. But what explains such an explosion?

Rapid and unexpected degradation. This Monday, October 11, the province of Loser talks about the health status of the department. “It is deteriorating rapidly.. “As of October 11, 2021, the incidence rate was 100.2 cases per 100,000 people Higher incidence rate in France. Nationwide, the incidence rate is 43 cases per 100,000 population, this Tuesday, October 12th.

Lazarus, who had by then escaped and seen the measures softened, retrobed: the province declared that “wearing a mask is again mandatory in companies that receive and subject to a health pass.”

+ 252% per week per event rate

In one week, the event rate increased by 252%! Seven days ago, the incidence rate in the lodge was 29 cases per 100,000 population.

What explains such an increase in the number of cases?

  • Low vaccine protection. As of October 11, in fact, less than 67% of Loserians entered a vaccination program, even the first or second injection or booster shot, against 74.37% of Avron.
  • The origin of the clusters? In its last report dated Friday, October 8, the Regional Health Agency cited the Limox case as “concerned with even more varying incidence rates between regions, especially due to local cluster conditions”. Considering the currently very low incidence rates, a cluster of epidemic surveillance indicators in an area would increase. When we look at the statistics in detail, two clusters were discovered in recent days in two schools in the department.
  • Relaxation of restraining gestures This rise can be explained by the number of positive cases for Covid 19.

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