How about Nice, Dubai, London with rising water?

How about Nice, Dubai, London with rising water?

Researchers have described rising water in 180 different parts of the planet. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Breaking Bad impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style.

Even if we could control global warming to 1.5 ° C – that would be it According to the UN it is impossible without serious measures – Sea levels will continue to rise for centuries, with cities now inhabiting half a billion people in a very long time.

This emerges from a study published on October 11th In review Environmental Research Letters. The observation is simple, the higher the planet warms, the higher the sea level will rise. So the researchers made 5 scenes:

  • +1,1 C: This situation is, quite hopefully, inevitable in the opinion of researchers
  • +1,5 C: A scene that can only be imagined if we drastically reduce our CO2 emissions
  • +2 C: A potential scenario if we reduce our CO2 emissions
  • +3 C: A possible scenario if we do not reduce our CO2 emissions
  • +4 C: A potential scenario if we increase our CO2 emissions

To imagine their words, The researchers called for illustrators, Who asked them to model rising water in 180 places spread across the planet. Be careful, the researchers point out, “these sea levels can take hundreds of years to fully realize.”

Is it good to drown in the Mediterranean?

Some examples are dedicated to France, especially to the city of Nice. Eventually – no date or time specified – the Mediterranean Sea overflows there. Here are 5 views considered by researchers, the first of the pessimistic (+ 4 C).

Bordeaux underwater?

Researchers have modeled the rising water in Bordeaux. According to them, if global warming is above 3 C, the Cathedral of St. Andre will have its feet in the water, as can be seen below.

And in other parts of the world?

Unfortunately France and Europe are not the only relevant parts of the world. Asia, which has nine of the ten most at risk cities, will be the hardest hit, the study said.

So we selected 5 of the 180 identifiable sites in the study: Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong (China), New York (USA), London (United Kingdom) and Sydney (Australia). By default, we display the display at + 3 C, most likely if we do not reduce our CO2 emissions.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New York, USA

London, United Kingdom

Sydney, Australia

Hong Kong, China

Most current estimates of sea level rise date back to the end of the century and range from half a meter to less than a meter. But regardless of the rate at which greenhouse gas emissions slow down, this phenomenon will continue beyond 2100 under the influence of water warming and ice melting.

The leading author of the article, Ben Strauss, estimates that “even if it takes two centuries or ten centuries, sea level can rise by almost two meters.”

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