According to Maduro, Spain “hurts” America by celebrating Christopher Columbus

Un homme brandit un portrait du président vénézuélien Nicolás Maduro durant la «Journée de la résistance indigène», célébrée le 12 octobre au Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday, October 12, that Spain “Crime” This date is marked because the United States celebrates National Day of the United States on October 12, the day of Christopher Columbus’ arrival. “Genocide” Indigenous people. “October 12, the day of the beginning of American colonialism and the greatest genocide in history, is still celebrated by the King of Spain as a crime throughout the United States, celebrated as a public holiday, known as Civilization Day.”, Announced Nicolas Maduro.

During a speech to his supporters gathered in front of the Miraflores Presidential Palace, he stated that he would make public “A Letter to the King of Spain” In which he will share, “With the utmost respect”, “Reflections from the Hearts of Our People”. According to him, this letter reflects the anger experienced by the tribal people.

Spain celebrates its national holiday on October 12, also known as “Hispanic Day”, which commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the United States in 1492. In Venezuela, led by the late Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) since 2002, this date became “Anti-Civil Day”. A march was organized in Caracas. “We join the voices raised in the United States demanding that the King of Spain correct his position, that he reflect the United States’ apology for the 300-year genocide.”, To Nicholas Maduro.

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