10 things you should see before watching a Fortnight movie in theaters

10 things you should see before watching a Fortnight movie in theaters

We learned on Monday, according to media reports Information, The epic games will eventually start with a “section dedicated to entertainment” that will work specifically on “video programming” inspired by the publisher’s works.

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In these projects, we can basically find a movie Fortnight, Which is already under discussion on the US company side. In other words, a movie from one owner, which draws most of its content from a million other owners.

The hiring, which led to the establishment of the division in question, may have been done in the epic even earlier this year, when various executives from Lucasfilm joined the publishing team.

In short, it would be great if you were one of those who believed in it Fortnight Seventh has the potential to become a great cinematic event with a quality that transcends the finest modern works of art.

However, if you are like the P surse sur startup team, this is your chance Fortnight Attacking media other than video games will not make you very excited. On the contrary, too.

To prove how skeptical they were about the project, the editorial staff put together a list of things they would watch before watching a movie. Fortnight:

  1. Someone passing by the cleaner
  2. A new one In your scores … Feast!
  3. Live broadcast of the growing meadow
  4. Integration of Two and a half men
  5. Sampline Bridge Traffic Camera
  6. Third Class Class Recorder Concert
  7. Drunk actor’s speech at the Oscars
  8. Oscars
  9. Clint Eastwood speaks with an empty chair
  10. A wall

We will not be booking our tickets right now.

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