Was the same phone with Paytm stolen?  Do not be afraid, do it first

Was the same phone with Paytm stolen? Do not be afraid, do it first

Mumbai, 12 October Nowadays, eBanking makes it easy to make payments anywhere, anytime. Also, ePayment is a great way to make payments. There are so many applications today, you can easily pay. One of them Paytm You may be familiar with this processor. Not only can you pay for this, you can also get a lot of shopping discounts when shopping online. Often cashback is available. That is eBanking The Paytm application deletes the account This is very convenient for you. Paying with Paytm App is not only easy but also in many aspects Paytm Cashback Cashback, discounts available. But you often fear that someone has messed up your account online or committed online fraud. But, since your processor is mobile, what if the mobile phone is sometimes stolen and the money in it is stolen? It’s scary. Admittedly, this e-banking processor cannot be opened without your fingerprint or UPI PIN, but in all of this the thieves are still a little smarter. But if your phone is stolen or lost, do not be afraid, first check your account with these simple steps Paytm App Account Fraud Half Block Account Let’s see how to do this …

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Remove Paytm App account from stolen phone
1. Paytm processor is always bringing new features to its customers. So if you are scared call the helpline number of the company given below. Call No: 01204456456. 2. The call will start at BDM Payments Bank and after receiving the call they will tell you, select the ‘Lost Phone’ option. 3. Then he will ask you for a replacement number. 4. You can give the number of other members of your household in this call. 5. After this you have to submit your original Paytm number. 6. Then click Exit from all device options. 7. Then the Paytm account will be logged out of the stolen mobile. 8. You can then log in to your account again.

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