Want to retire from Instagram?

Internet Desk: Adults say that young people are addicted to other things on social websites. Young people on the other hand say they learn a lot with social media content. Since the sword is sharp on both sides, there is a twist with social media. Experts say that in recent times, young people are using it badly. In this context, the photo sharing processor Instagram has made an important decision to prevent young people from being attracted to dangerous content on social media. For this, a new feature called ‘Take a Break’ will be introduced. With the help of the Take a Break feature, young people can take a break from their Instagram accounts and reuse them. How much time do they spend on Instagram at the same time? Which items do you see the most? Facebook believes Instagram can be meaningfully analyzed and reused.

“We see young people becoming addicted to the same type of videos over and over again. How good it is for them. We want them to watch other videos as well. That’s why we’re about to introduce a new feature. This new feature will help young people to retire from Instagram,” said Facebook’s vice president of international affairs. Said Nick Clegg. Facebook has reportedly made this decision following a recent allegation by a former Facebook employee that social media owned by Facebook poses a risk to young people. Also, Instagram has announced that it will soon be introducing Instagram for kids under the age of 13. However, it was postponed for a few days due to international protests.

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