Violent scythe attack on cyclist in park in London: Thieves steal his bike

Violent scythe attack on cyclist in park in London: Thieves steal his bike

Alexander Richardson is still in shock after a surreal attack on a park in London last week.

Alexander Richardson (Albacen-Phoenix) was attacked with a knife during a full training session on October 7 in a park in London. He described his “shocking experience” in a post on Instagram.

“When I was finishing my training at 3pm four motorcycles with four motorcycles started following me, the 31-year-old cyclist explains. I quickly realized they wanted to take my bike, I started riding. I could do my best to get out of it. I started driving at full speed to a hotel a yard away.

He hit his bike with a knife and pushed it down

“They ran towards me with a bike at 60km / h,” Richardson continues. Dragged 100 meters to the ground. Then they pulled out a 40cm knife and thought it was time to get on the bike … “

The British runner cautiously explains that this type of violent theft is becoming a common occurrence. Alexander Richardson filed a complaint: “The police have registered my complaint for armed robbery and I hope the culprits will be found.”

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