La compagnie aérienne a annulé plus de 2.000 vols au cours des trois derniers jours.

Southwest acknowledges that many of its flight cancellations are linked to a limited number of employees

The U.S. company Southwest, which initially caused more than 2,000 cancellations due to weather and air traffic control problems, admitted on Monday, October 11, that the situation was exacerbated by limited manpower.

Problems were canceled Friday night “Mainly related to weather and other external barriers”, The aircraft and crew were not allowed to operate as scheduled on Saturday, the company said in a statement. “It’s true that planes are not where they should be”, Combined “Continued pressure on employees”, Created additional cancellations “It echoed until the weekend and Monday”, Southwest added.

According to CNBC, the Southwest COO mentioned in a message to employees “Not there yet” She wanted to be based on staff, “Especially in flight crews”. Mike Van de Wen said the company has already reduced the number of flights scheduled for the end of this year and may cancel more.

Like other U.S. airlines, the southwest epidemic allowed many employees to leave at the start of the year, with air traffic suddenly falling, but faced renewed functionality from the spring and rushed to recruit. The airline has previously said that cancellations are often associated with bad weather and unexpected air traffic control issues.

Unusually, the US Aviation Regulatory Authority (FAA) noted in a tweet on Sunday“There is no shortage of air traffic controllers (No) Announced since Friday. “Some airlines continue to face planning problems due to shortage of aircraft and staff”, FAA added.

Southwest canceled a total of more than 800 flights on Saturday, 1,124 on Sunday and a further 326 on Monday. This is more than any other US company. “We hope to be able to recover our flight plan as soon as possible.”, Southwest announced Monday evening.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) on Sunday denied rumors that some pilots or company employees were participating in the strike, forcing its employees to go on strike. Vaccinate against Covid 19. Functional issues “Not the result of the struggles of the Southwest workers”The company added Monday.

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