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Kamakura Jogaguin Junior High School High School: News from Member Schools: Junior High School Exam Support: Education / Exam / Job Search: Yomiuri Simbun Online

This year, Kamakura Jogguin Junior and Senior High School (Kamakura City, Kanakawa Prefecture) launched a new slogan, “Connect, Use, and Create,” and a university professor will be a lecturer on July 29 and 30. Feel this slogan. “Science Day” was held. Junior high school students who participated while working on advanced experiments on the theme of “scent chemistry” are said to have felt the joy of learning. We asked the responsible instructor about the purpose and response of “Science Day” and future opportunities.

Junior high school students challenge high-level tests

Chief Ishi explains the purpose of the new slogan
Chief Ishi explains the purpose of the new slogan

This year, the school says, “I want to nurture women” to “combine” the knowledge and skills gained through learning, to create new value, to use “value” and to create a new future. With my thoughts in mind, I put on a new motto of “connect, use, create”.

On that purpose, Mizaki Ishii, vice chair of the Public Relations Committee and Education Division, said, “Knowledge gained in 6 years in junior high and high school can become 10 or 20 years old and useless. I want a person who is constantly learning and evolving.” “At our school, we have a curriculum that allows you to experience the joy and excellence of learning throughout six years.

Gradually level as you draw, after graduation you can proceed on your own. We aim at education that lays the foundation for such “learning power”.

As one of the programs to realize this slogan, the school held its first “Science Day” for third-year junior high school students this summer. Divided as.
The better(Yutaka)

Lectures and experiments were conducted on the topic of “Fragrance Chemistry” as a Professor Lecturer. About 40 students participated each time, and supported students as Teaching Assistants (TAs) in Professor Maida’s lab.

Ayum Takuchi, Science Leader, says students gain experience in research, discussion, dissertation, presentation, etc. through programs such as “Kamakura Studies” and “International / Environmental Studies”, which are unique to our school. If the power / verification power is added, the “merge, use and create” cycle will not increase. I thought. “

Learn the fun of science through experiments using the five senses

Conducted by Professor Meda of the University of Tokyo Kokukoi
Lectures and experiments on “Science Day” conducted by Professor Meda of Tokyo Kokukoi University

On “Science Day” Professor Maida gave a 40-minute lecture on “The Relationship between Smell and Chemistry”, after which the students began experimenting in pairs. Content is the mixing of various components of carboxylic acids such as alcohols and acetic acid to synthesize and separate the substance “Easter” which is the raw material for perfumes such as perfumes and fabric softeners. The students first synthesized and separated the esters using the method recommended by the professor, and then tried to combine and separate the esters in any combination. After the experiment, “What kind of structural formula is integrated ester?”

According to Takeuchi, the test is an advanced level for students who choose chemistry as an exam subject in high school 3. Regarding the purpose of allowing junior high school students to enjoy, “In recent years, when it comes to on-site lessons, familiar and simple content is often chosen, but students enjoy the full range of chemistry tests that can only be done in school. I wanted you to enjoy the content so hard content I dared to choose. “Third-year junior high school students have a broad understanding of what they learned in junior high school, and one step before thinking about their career paths. By hosting” Science Day “here, science will not be science

Initially the students were confused by the advanced testing activities, but soon they asked the TA students, “What does this tool have to do with testing anything?” The TA student seems to have been very interested in questions like “Why this tool? Do you have a form?”

Teaching Assistant Students who continue the experiment when asked questions
Teaching Assistant Students who continue the experiment when asked questions

After the experiment, the students wrote, “I’m not good at chemical reaction formulas yet, but this experience seemed extra and enjoyable. It was so much fun to know what I did not understand.” “First in an experiment with filtration, I learned that there are other ways to separate objects. I was excited because I did a complex test for the first time in a while.

Commenting on the recordings, Professor Tagucci said, “Move your hands and feel the smell of the finished ester by listening to the sounds. Unique learning in chemistry using the five senses was a lot of fun. It also made me think “interesting,” he said with a smile. “It was a half-day course, but I think it’s time for the students to make a full turn.

Mr. Ishii added, “After a while I did not see the feeling of ‘excitement’. I think this is the unique power of science. Students have a basic ‘learning’ rather than understanding knowledge through chemistry.” I think the field of student thinking has expanded. “

Students and teachers feel they can do it

“Learning to be unique to chemistry using the five senses seems to have been a lot of fun,” says teacher Tagucci, who talks about the students.

By challenging advanced experiments on “Science Day”, not only students but also teachers realized that they could do it and gained confidence.

Professor Tagucci said, “This time, there were many test kits that students did not use, and the operation was complicated, so the teachers thought it was” dangerous “and” difficult and impossible. ” Yes, it did exceed the expectations of the teachers.For us as teachers, “Science Day” is a time to realize that there is more room for students to challenge difficult things.

Based on this experience, the school plans to further refine “Science Day” and continue from next year. In addition to chemistry, he hopes to eventually join the fields of earth science and physics.

“There are many students who reject chemistry at the learning gateway, but the rejection reaction seems to have diminished after experiencing the fun of experimenting on ‘Science Day’. This is a field that needs to be done, it is very important to know the basics of chemistry in later learning. I want to challenge the experience and create amazing opportunities. “

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