Christopher Columbus, or the celebration of the Native people, was torn by a holiday in America

Christopher Columbus, or the celebration of the Native people, was torn by a holiday in America

“Columbus Day” or “Indigenous People’s Day”, you have to choose. For the first time in the United States, the second Monday in October was traditionally observed as a federal holiday, Indigenous People’s Day, celebrating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the United States.

Appreciated by the Amerindians who saw the identity of white colonialism in Christopher Columbus, the decision of the Biden administration caused waves among the conservatives, who condemned a new example. Woke up “From” Cancel the culture .

“Colonialism and Genocide”

Although Native Day has been around since the 1990s, Joe Biden was the first U.S. president to recognize it at the federal level. Technically, the White House did not cancel “Columbus Day.” Joe Biden’s Declaration recognizes two legal vacations. States and municipalities are free to observe one or both. A dozen states, including Alaska, New Mexico and Oregon, in particular, have set aside Christopher Columbus, and a dozen others are celebrating two holidays.

“The nation of Navajo has long opposed Columbus Day, which celebrates colonialism, oppression, and injustice to Indigenous peoples. They fought to survive, ”said representatives of the semi-autonomous Amarindiya region.

“Destroy our history”

In recent years, the United States has conducted a self-examination. The debate over the darker sides of American history led to the recall of several statues of Confederate generals. Last year, statues of Christopher Columbus were also removed in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, and the statue was removed by Baltimore protesters. In a speech, Donald Trump denounced it as “an attempt to destroy our history” and credited Christopher Columbus as “America’s inventor”.

On Monday, paramedic Ben Shapiro was hailed as a “national hero.” “Today is Columbus Day, and no one can rewrite history,” said Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn. Lou Barletta, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, finally condemned “an attempt to destroy our Italian history” and said, “I refuse to give up. Woke up From Cancel the culture. ⁇

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