Adele is shocked: her reports on real estate prices in London are going very badly

Adele is shocked: her reports on real estate prices in London are going very badly

The owner of three homes in Los Angeles has annoyed internet users by saying in columns Adele Vogue magazine that there is no way to live in London.

Adele must have turned her tongue seven times in her mouth … a few months very wisely, The singer is doing her big media review before releasing her new album titled 30. In a lengthy interview with Vogue magazine, he concluded his five-year hiatus. Love, career, money … she mentioned all the subjects for the delight of the fans. But there is a hope that has made people move. Adele has revealed that she invested more than $ 30 million in real estate in Los Angeles before explaining that she could not live in London.. “The house I have in LA, I can not buy it in London. Never.”Said the buyer of three properties in the Hidden Valley community over the past five years.

Adele explained that most of her time was spent when she lived in London “In a car or inside a building”, She added that she wanted to be somewhere “Fresh air” And she can “Look at the sky”. Not in London. But this report was not available to internet users, many of whom responded on social networks. “Couldn’t Adele have bought her house in London by her luck? We’re all doomed.”, “She owns three houses in Los Angeles, totaling $ 30 million, but she can’t live in London?”, We can read specifically. In 2016, Adele bought her first home in Beverly Hills for $ 9.5 million. Three years later, she bought a second home next door for $ 10.65 million. Last May, the singer paid $ 10 million for a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home she bought from her girlfriend Nicole Richie.

Adele: “I know what I want. And I know what I don’t want.”

In Vogue’s paragraphs, Adele formalizes her relationship with Paul Ritz. Last July, the couple showed up side by side for the first time in a pocket match, not wanting to reveal their relationship. “I didn’t want to make it public. I wanted to go to the game. I want to be with him. I want (…) he said to me: ‘What are people going to say?’ I said, ‘You signed me up. As an athlete. You’ re my agent. ‘ He was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ “ To the artist, his companion said before explaining “Not at all upset” By the popularity of the young woman: He is the best. He’s so funny. He’s so smart, you know. I am a 33 year old divorced mother, actually a son. The last thing I want is someone who doesn’t know where he is or what he wants. I know what I want. I know what I don’t like. “

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