The Santiago Espinal is set for a regular role in 2022

The Santiago Espinal is set for a regular role in 2022

In 2021, the Santiago Espinal was good. The infielder, who spent his defensive time on the third floor this year, is a big puzzle to Blue Jays.

In 92 games, his order of 311 / .376 / .405 shows us that he had frequent tracks. When he was playing, he was a regular, but he did the job.

No, his power is average, there is nothing to write about his two home runs and his 17 RBIs. It wasn’t his job, he hit the bottom of the list. However, his 32 points show that he was on track when the guns came after him.

Apparently, defensively, he is innocent. He played on the third floor, but he could play anywhere.

I don’t know about you, but for the ninth win, he’s the best. He goes towards the goal for George Springer, and he ensures the much-needed defense.

In my opinion, he should have a regular role in 2021.

We understand each other: a regular character does not mean being there for it every day. This could mean missing out on games and not letting him rot on the bench for long.

This year, he is very consistent on the third floor. If he fails to get his hands on the Blue Jays hot corner reinforcement, the space could be returned to Espinal.

Another scene: Jayce grabs a player from the third cushion, but Marcus escapes from Semion. Espinal could well take the space left vacant on the former Ace’s second goal.

When it comes to semis and the third goal, Espinal is really the # 1 option in the field to help everyone.

When Jayce gave Espinal hope, he delivered the goods. He’s not the best player in the world, but he spends little money, accommodating Jayce on that level.

Remember that there must be an option.

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