Sultan Nabil Embombo Enjoya, the new king of the Palmyra

Cameroun: le sultan Nabil Mbombo Njoya, nouveau roi des Bamouns

Among the many children of the former king of Bamaun, Nabil Embombo Enzoya was the first son born after the throne of the late Sultan. Appointed at the will of his father, this choice was not surprising, according to the biographer, the former king.

To wear his new clothes as a traditional leader, Nabil Embombo Enzoya has to leave his activities within the regional administration. Until then, he was in charge of legal affairs in the governor of the southern region.

Very close to his father, he was brought up in the tradition of Pamoun, having studied at the American School in Yande and the National Administration and the Judicial School in Cameroon before studying in the United States.

He was appointed after an inaugural meeting presided over by the nobles of the kingdom and at the age of 29 became the twentieth in the line of kings of the Pama oun. This powerful kingdom of West Cameroon has about 2 million souls.

Will he be as influential as his father? The late Sultan Ibrahim Embombo Noya was a member of the CPDM Political Bureau from its inception and a personal friend of President Paul Pia. Renowned for his outspokenness, he took a stand on sensitive subjects such as the conflict in the English-speaking West and after Pia, and appealed for better preparation for devolution and change.

His son, Nabil Embombo Enzoya, on the other hand, did not campaign at a party. He is old enough to be the son or grandson of the President of Cameroon. According to the biography of the late Sultan, the advantage of the new king’s low political involvement was that he could focus on Bamun affairs and on the preservation of culture and heritage.

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