Ryan Deborah thinks the Astros are cheating again

Ryan Deborah thinks the Astros are cheating again

Last night, the game between the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox was colorful. We can see that Yasmani Grantel did not “go back” from his run line to interfere with a home throw.

According to White Socks, It was a good game. According to Houston, whoever saw the game change as a result of that game, it was not Fair. Apparently both clubs made such comments.

But the heaviest comments about this match were Ryan Deborah, the white socks reliever. The latter went there with allegations against Astros in connection with the theft of signals.

He basically said that the Astros have a history of cheating and that there is a difference between games in Houston and games in Chicago. He sees more speed in the Astros vacuum at games in Illinois.

Apparently, at home, we remember that the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Astros had a system for stealing enemy signals and cheating at home. This is what Deborah mentions.

Houston won the first game 6-1, 9-4 in Houston. Yesterday they lost 12-6, but still scored a lot.

But as Deborah points out, it seems at the level of speed in a vacuum.

So the former Blue Jays signal has revived the debate about corruption, which in 2021 we have somewhat forgotten – or at least for several months.

At home, note that the Astros (regular season in 2021) have the seventh best OPS in the MLB. Abroad? They were in the front row.

If Deborah throws tonight, we can say he must be right.

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