London: The underground will be reopened at night to keep it safe at night, especially for women

London: The underground will be reopened at night to keep it safe at night, especially for women
LThe petition seeking the return of night underground service to London seems to have reached the ears of Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has promised to reopen. In the coming weeks “. The question of safety, especially for women.

Closed since March 2020 due to the epidemic, London “Night Tube” night underground service is expected to resume soon, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said. The country is no longer in a state of health emergency and for security reasons, the failure to reopen metro lines at night has come under much criticism.

Launched in 2016, the “Night Tube and London Over Ground Night Service” operates throughout the Friday and Saturday evenings, running some underground lines connecting the city’s ends. The move is aimed at making the night safer, especially for women who often want to return home after having bars, restaurants or clubs. At the time of writing, Petition Launched by All Watson to recall the Night Tube by the winter of 2021/2022, it has received more than 107,484 signatures.

The removal of the night tube has an immense impact on women who are generally sexually abused and it appears to be completely unnoticed. “According to Ella Watson, the women relied on taxis to return home when the nighttime subway interruption closed the standard public transportation options (ending at 1am and not resuming until 5:30 am).” In the UK and London, women and girls are not safe on the streets, especially at night … 2021/2022 DFL’s decision to close the night tube in the winter will have a major impact on women and low-income people. Expensive taxis are forced to be taken home during the festive season because they are not generally safe. She added.

The Mayor of London seems to have finally heard and understood the message. In Paris, A test phase to consider opening some lines on Saturday evening Must have been implemented between September 2019 and April 2020. The project does not appear to have been developed later.

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