Introducing the SONY BRAVIA XR, the most complete TV for the PlayStation 5.

Sony Recommendation Suitable for PlayStation 5 Developed and installed on the product Bravia XR Each particular model is specially designed to work better with the PlayStation 5 to deliver a new level of gaming experience with a better and more exciting picture and sound system than ever before.

Suitable for PlayStation 5 Comes with 2 new features: Auto HDR tone mapping And Auto type image mode It also supports frame rates up to 120fps with ultra-sharp 4K resolution as defined in HDMI 2.1 for compatible games. What’s more, the Z9J has a minimum 6.0ms input lag, which can automatically switch to gaming mode. This will greatly reduce lag when playing games. It also offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Especially shooting games, sports games and high performance games. During preparation Sony Bravi XR Sony’s latest and best picture quality is surprisingly realistic. It offers brighter colors and more contrast. Integrated surround sound to match movement. The uniqueness of screen technology is what puts you right at the heart of the process. Whether playing a game or watching a movie, this is a great gaming experience for players.

Sony Bravia XR PlayStation 5

Perfect features for PlayStation 5 on BRAVIA XR

Auto HDR tone mapping mode

With mode Auto HDR tone mapping Available at Bravia XR The HDR settings can be adjusted automatically to suit the PS5. Meanwhile, the PS5 recognizes each BRAVIA TV and selects the best HDR system for your TV. HDR tones match BRAVIA TV’s display needs, and important detail and color can be seen even in high-contrast scenes such as race track games. In the Gran Turismo 7, you will get more detailed material to learn how to set the direction of the next movement

* Updated at the end of January 2022, subject to software on both PS5 and BRAVIA.

Auto type image mode

With mode Auto type image Available at Bravia XR You can find it if you play games or watch movies or your favorite shows. So when you play the game the computer will automatically switch to the game mode. Thus reducing delays. And lagging behind during the game makes it more responsive to play games

With streaming services that can be adjusted in standard mode while watching your favorite movies, or with ultra HD Blu-ray discs on the PS5, the focus can be on image processing for more transparent images.

* Auto General Picture Mode will be available on both PS5 and BRAVIA with a software update by the end of January 2022.

Sony Bravia XR PlayStation 5

Enhance your entertainment experience with Sony’s audio products.

For Bravia XR Sony is the best. For use with the HT-A9 home theater system or with many Sony audio products such as the HT-A7000 and HT-A5000 sound bars.

What’s more, it can be connected directly to the PS5 to enjoy entertainment from the mode. Auto HDR tone mapping And method Auto type image It has a special function Bravia XR Exactly

Interested parties may request additional information. Phone at Sony Information Center. 0-2715-6100 Or visit

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