From London to Clohors-Cornwall, Marcox invented the most responsible fashion

From London to Clohors-Cornwall, Marcox invented the most responsible fashion

First from Nièvre, Marcox Lovevre, stylist and print designer, The tailor grew up near his grandmother. “Her shop was where she touched the clothes. She just bought me the first machine. By spreading her interest to her granddaughter, her grandmother gives her a lifelong dream as a bonus: to have her own shop.

Lace curtains, blankets …

With Epitome, Clohorse-Carnoid (29)’s shop-workshop, which has realized its ambitions. It is relevant Yoon Le Pogrov, His wife, interior designer and furniture designer. Adopted Breitton is part of a new generation of designers who are engaged in a more responsible style. With large blankets, she sews winter coats that sell for 50 650. With lace curtains, the tailor rediscovered tops and skirts priced from 90 rupees.

I understand that fashion cannot be fed by fashion alone

Despite his young age – Marcox was born in 1994 – the designer already has a well-rounded CV. She has a unique career in the fashion elite. It is a combination of hard work, skill and nerve. Her wife and partner describe her as “intuitive.” When she has something on her mind, she goes for it. ”

Space design

In this trivial list, we must undoubtedly add perseverance. After failing to enter the public fashion schools to which he applied, he spent a year studying aerospace design at Olivier de Ceres, the National Applied Arts and Crafts in Paris. “It opened my eyes. I realized that fashion alone cannot feed fashion.

Marcox Lovevre is a stylist.  She created a brand called Epidome.
Inspired by the work of stylist Marcox Lavevre scientists to create his first collection (Le Télégramme / Pauline Le Diouris)

In the footsteps of Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney

She finally entered the Doberre School of Applied Arts in Paris, where she stayed for two years before making her first attempt at the Central Saint Martins School in London. John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney are alumni of one of the best fashion schools in the world. “I’ve been dreaming since high school. I told myself for a long time that I didn’t have it. People from all over the world are applying for it. And it was so expensive. [plus de 10 000 € l’année, NDLR] », She mentions. Marcox lost in the last round of the match. The next year, she finally got a ticket to London. Scholarships and childcare nights allow her to pay for expenses.

Collaboration with Kenzo and Galliano

During her three years in London, she was immersed in a static creative universe. In this spirit, the student specializes in printing. “It’s so much fun doing everything yourself,” she says playfully. She was in Norway, in the company of an artist for several months, who taught her tapestry before working as a print designer in Kenzo. He is a brand that continues to work as an independent. Marcox collaborates with Galliano from Maison Marquez.

A resident of the European Space Agency (ESA)

“It’s a small environment. Thanks to the school, I approached a valuable address book. She opened the door to many places for me.

Scientists do not realize that they are doing art

Is it Central St. Martin’s School or is it the courage it showed? Marcox dismisses compliments: “This is luck. I wrote to the director that I was interested in temporary questions. I left with my musician brother and friend. We did an album. I drew all of these to create my collection. Scientists do not realize that they are doing art. Their work raises philosophical questions, ”he explains.

I like to create clothing lines in Brittany

With a diploma in hand, she finally persuaded her husband Bretton to settle in Finster. “Epidome is a return to the basics. I want to break the fast fashion calendars and create clothing lines here. I wanted to grow in Brittany, its culture and mythology. No matter, his business will grow there.”

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