French Dispatch – Review de la Capsules du 57e Chicago International Film Festival

French Dispatch - Review de la Capsules du 57e Chicago International Film Festival

French trip, 2021.

Written and directed by Wes Anderson.
Phil Murray, Benicio del Toro, Francis McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Adrian Brady, Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson, Timothy Solmet, Lee Seidux, Matthew Amalrick, Lena Gowtry, Steve Park, Leave Schreiber, Eliz, Christoph Waltz, Cecil de France, Guillum Gallian, Jason Schwartzman, Robert Friend, Henry Wingler, Bob Ballon, Hippolyte Hoston, Denise Menosett, Alex Lucent Vince, .


A love letter sent to reporters on the front page of an American newspaper in the fictional French city of the 20th century, a collection of stories published in the French Dispatch magazine.

Sending-French-Bill-Murray -600x338

Writer and director Wes Anderson takes his comedy and humor basically in the form of a collection film. Fictional newspaper Ennuy-sur-Place, focused on the publication of an American newspaper operating from France. French trip It now uses the structure of a magazine in memory of the late founder Arthur Howitzer Jr. (Phil Murray). To celebrate the hot and fair editor (who does not allow tears in his office) the staff (including the famous big bust including Elizabeth Moss, Owen Wilson and others) decided that there should be huge little success stories in this latest edition. Ends with answers.

The structure of the set gives the impression that Wes Anderson (who works as a storyteller with Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola and Hugo Guinness) has been released. He is less interested in planning this time, allowing his visionary mind to work on his love letter for the book as a free vow. French trip It’s a deadly fire to the senses, be it rat-coordinated, humorous dialogue or stunning shot musicals (often from the brand’s symmetrical wide-angle genre) full of characters. Law enlivening background.

To fully absorb it he would have to watch a rehearsal or a couple of times, which is a desire once the credit is rolled over. The scenes and scenery can sometimes overwhelm you, but not without the desire to understand each setting in its imaginative and vibrant grandeur.

French sending - 600x338

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