First touch in the NFL for Anthony Ackley

The Texans tight nest caught David Mills’ 11-yard pass in the first quarter to highlight his team.

Last season, Notre Dame-des-Pins player Tampa Bay played with the Buccaneers. The Super Bowl was won by either the former Rouge Ed or Floridian team at Laval University, although not in the final.

The Patriots (2-3) trailed 22-9 in the third quarter.

Big Belichick’s men took a 22-15 lead with two field goals from Nick Folk and Mac Jones threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Hunter Henry.

Folk returned with another field goal to bring the final score to 25-22 in favor of New England.

The Falcons won the fight on London soil

Quarterback Matt Ryan flew 342 yards in the air to complete two touchdown passes on Sunday and beat the Atlanta Falcons New York Jets 27-20 in the NFL return game.

The Falcons (2-3) took a 20-3 lead at half and managed to pass the time despite allowing the Jets to stay in the fight by making two stumbles.

An American footballer throws a ball.

Matt Ryan finished 33 assists against the Jets on Sunday

Photo: Reuters / Nathan Ray Seebeck

However, footballer Zack Wilson and his Jets (1-4) struggled to move the ball forward, as Rookie Quarterback enjoyed from the start of the season.

Wilson has 19 of his 32 passes, 192 yards. He did not complete any touchdown pass and fell victim to an interception.

Finalist Kyle Pitts, the fourth player to be selected in the final draft, two places behind Wilson, has revealed his best game in the NFL. He caught nine passes for 119 yards and scored his first touchdown in the league.

Ryan made 33 of his 45 passes and did not fall victim to any interruptions.

Die Johnson and Michael Carter hit the touchdown in the second half.

James Winston arrives at the reinforcement and shines

James Winston threw four touchdown passes and the New Orleans Saints beat Washington Soccer 33-22.

After Desam Hill suffered a concussion in the second quarter, Winston took part in all the offensive games in the quarterback for the first time this season.

Winston threw a 72-yard touchdown pass to Dionte Harris, who also left the game with a hamstring injury. The Saints quarterback joined Marquez Callaway for two majors and Alvin Camara for Touchdown.

Camara also had a touchdown in the 23-yard run, returning the Bunts in Harris’ absence.

The Saints (3-2) blocked two assists from Taylor Heinike. They put pressure on the Washington Quarter (2-3) as they failed to sack Daniel Jones, who lost to the New York Giants.

Maker Crosby pulls himself together as the Packers give victory

Mason Crosby scored a 49-yard overtime hit after missing three attempts and the Packers beat Cincinnati Bengal 25-22 on Sunday.

Generally reliable, Crosby missed 2:12 and two possible field goals with three seconds left in the game. He missed another in extra time before giving his team the win.

Prior to the game, Crosby had made 44 of his 46 field goal attempts since the start of the 2019 season. He also missed a change from a touchdown during the game against the Bengals.

Bengal footballer Evan McPherson also missed two kicks that could have given his team the win. The first has only 26 seconds, the second in extra time.

Bangladesh (3-2) were late in the fourth quarter. Jamar Chase caught a 19-yard catch and two plays later Joe Mixon hit a big score on an eight-yard run. Quarterback Joe Barrow joined De Higgins in a two-point change.

Crosby made a 36-yard try in two more minutes, but he sent the ball to the left. McPherson was then hanged, but the ball hit the right post with 26 seconds remaining.

After Aaron Rodgers threw a 20-yard pass to Downte Adams, Crosby missed again, 51 yards, on the left.

In extra time, Burrow saw his own pass intercepted by linebacker D’Wandre Campbell, but Crosby missed a third field goal on the left.

McPherson had 49 yards, another chance, he started the celebrations with quality Kevin Hooper, but the ball went to the left of the posts.

Rodgers threw two touchdown passes during the clash and finished fifth in all history.

Tom Brady, 44, is still smart

Tom Brady threw five touchdown passes to help the Tampa Bay Buccaneers adjust the Miami Dolphins 45-17.

When he returned to Foxborough last week, Brady missed a touchdown pass. During this time, he twice recorded five majors by air with Antonio Brown, Mike Evans and Giovanni Bernard.

The 44-year-old veteran finished with 30 points from his 41 passes at 410 yards. Brady Beaton combined Manning with two career touches (9) for a second high.

For the fifth time since the start of the 2020 season, the Tampa Bay team has scored 44+ points. The Buccaneers have done this feat only five times in their first 44 years.

Other results for the day:

  • Eagles 21 – Leopards18
  • Broncos 19 – Steelers27
  • Titans 37 – Jaguars19
  • Lions 17 – Vikings19
  • Browns 42 – Chargers47
  • Bears 20 – Riders9
  • 49ers 10 – Cardinals17
  • Giants 20 – Cowboys44
  • Bills 31 – Chiefs13

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