First look at Timothy Salamet in the role of Willy Wonga

First look at Timothy Salamet in the role of Willy Wonga

Last month, Warner Bros. team writer Roald Dollin began filming in the UK for the film ‘Wonka’, which describes the appearance of Willy Wonka, one of the author’s most famous characters, which has caused much anticipation among fans of the beloved children’s novel.

If you take into account that this time the lead role goes to Oscar-nominated Timothy Salamet, the excitement is so high that he will soon be seen in the expected adaptation of “Tune”. The actor used his social networks to give his fans a first look at the appearance of his character in this new film.

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“Vonca” features a multi-star cast, including Oscar-winning actress Olivia Coleman, Rowan Atkinson, Sally Hawkins and Keegan Michael Kee, confirmed as part of a story that took place many years before the event. ‘Factory’ in Charlie and the Chocolate, a young Willie trying to find his way into a candy maker.

The film is directed by Paul King, an internationally acclaimed director and screenwriter of two installments of “Baddington”, which holds the record for most rated family-edited films by film critics.

Warner Bros. still hides some details about the film, although some reports indicate that the scenes will feature colorful dance numbers, although it is not certain whether this will make the story musical. Salamet is the second actor to play Willy Wong on the big screen.

In 1971 the famous actor and comedian Jean Wilder directed the Mel Stuart film with the film “Willy Vonca and the Chocolate Factory”, which included some musical numbers that are still considered an important part to this day. History of American Cinema.

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The second actor retained only the musical feel of the Stuart film in 2005 with Johnny Depp “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” directed by Tim Burton and directed by the late actor Deep Roy, Omba Lombas. . “Wonga” has no official release date yet.

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