Call for prayer to erupt volcano on Palma Island

Call for prayer to erupt volcano on Palma Island

According to the bishops of the Canaries, “human forces can do nothing to control such a natural phenomenon”, but “believers, by faith, can trust God”.

On September 19 the Gumbre Viza erupted. Today it freezes Palma Island. On Sunday, 21 earthquakes were recordedSpanish National Institute of Geography. The molten volcanoes erupted from a mountain on a Spanish island up to a three-story building.

According to Miguel Angel Morkunde, technical director of the Volcanic Emergency Program for the Canary Islands, the lava has already submerged 493 hectares. 6,000 people had to be evacuated from the island, which has a population of 85,000.

The bishops of the Canaries began the call for prayer and organized a prayer vigil on October 11th. “In the face of the power of nature, especially in the noise of the earth, we feel powerless, we feel our smallness,” Episcopate recalled. But he added, “There is nothing human forces can do to control such a natural phenomenon, which manifests itself in earthquakes and numerous volcanic eruptions.”

“We are called to join hands with our Lord Jesus Christ to open our hearts to God, to act in His history, to free us from all evil and to hear His great power.”


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