The name of the qualifier is slowly taking shape in South America

The name of the qualifier is slowly taking shape in South America

4 years ago during the 2018 World Cup, the South American region sent a team of 5 teams to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru. It was a lower participant than it was in 2014 when Chile and Ecuador qualified. This time again, the fight is fierce and there is a risk of deceiving people. Providing 4 direct qualifying places and a play-off spot against the winner of the Oceania Zone, in which New Zealand was the favorite. Some teams picked up good speed, while others stumbled.

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Brazil (1/27 points / 9 days)

Having qualified for the previous 21 matches, Brazil did not miss the World Cup, which usually does not happen in 2022. With 27 points from 27 points, Aurvertez has scored 22 goals and lined up nine wins with 9 defenses and one win. With the September 5 meeting against Argentina postponed, the Titans’ team is one game short. With 27 points, it was still not enough to qualify, but it has always allowed access to the play-offs in the last four South American qualifying campaigns. With nine matches remaining, Brazil is on track to secure a ticket to Qatar. Jump-off 13 points and the first unqualified 15 points.

Argentina (2nd / 19th points / 9th day)

Still undefeated, Argentina did not know how to accept the right pace. Albiceleste has 4 draws and 27 for 19 points. Five points ahead of the volley and 7 points ahead of the first qualifier, Lionel Scaloni’s band has a defensive edge, but it must be used. After two wins in September, Lionel Messi’s partners were joined by Paraguay in October. Facing Uruguay, its first follower, it will be the perfect opportunity to gain another lead the next day. Unlike 2018, where everything was played in the last match, this Argentina qualifying campaign needs confirmation.

Uruguay (3rd / 16 points / 10 days)

Uruguay struggled to do big things like this big win (3-0) against Colombia at the start of the campaign. Surprised by Ecuador and won 4-0, they eventually conceded inevitable tracks against Paraguay (0-0), Venezuela (0-0) and Peru (1-1). Nevertheless, having been in a good dynamic position with 7 points from the last 9 matches, Luis Suarez’s team wants to ensure a return to this form against Argentina and Brazil during the October break. If Uruguay get some points and are one of the deserving talents, the path will be easier for the Oscar Tabares team.

Ecuador (4th / 16 points / 10 days)

In 2002, 2006 and 2014, Tri established itself as a team that could overcome contradictions in the 21st century, from a game it had never qualified for. Ecuador, who are close to qualifying in 2018, want to better negotiate the second part of the qualifiers. Despite the initial defeat against Argentina, Pervis Estupian and Piero Hingkopic played in the following three matches with teammates Uruguay (4-2), Bolivia (3-2) and especially Colombia (6-1). With 7 points scored in the last 4 matches, it can be said that the pace is good. The schedule, especially with two matches against Venezuela and a trip to Colombia, will ensure a good impression. Two points ahead of the jump-off and the first unqualified four points, although the mattress is thin, the thought on the left allows one to see a small achievement.

Colombia (5th / 14th points / 10th day)

Cafeteros knows the roller coaster. Fifth and barrage, the worst are avoided, but the results are not enough. It started well against Venezuela (3-0), but the affected cards stained against Uruguay (3-0) and especially Ecuador (6-1). Colombia is in the alternate stream, following in the footsteps of Argentina (2-2) and Uruguay (0-0) while dominating Peru (3-0) and Chile (3-1). After all, the next three matches will be especially important with two matches against Brazil and an Ecuador welcome. The need for points will be essential for a team led by Reynolds Ruda.

Paraguay (6th / 12th points / 10th day)

Paraguay is neutral and currently it is effective. Despite being eliminated eight days from the end, Los Cronies have suffered only two defeats against Brazil (2-0) and Ecuador (2-0). Focusing on great strength above all else, they have six draws and only two points from play-off spot and four points from direct qualification. In more races, Alproza ​​still has to win. The next four matches against Chile, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia will fall on the safe side. Take advantage of his first world survival opportunity in Paraguay since 2010, when his quarterfinal defeat against Spain (1-0).

Peru (7th / 11th points / 10th day)

With only 1 point after 5 matches, Peru put themselves in an awkward position. Blancirroza, who won at the end of the match against Ecuador (2-1) on June 8, came back strong with 7 points from 12 possible points in the last 4 matches. With the beautiful win over Chile (2-0) remaining, the Inca selection will be two matches against Bolivia, one match against Peru and one match against Argentina by the end of 2022. Suffice it to say that the opportunity to change is good for a team that wants to recreate what it did in 2018. 3 points from Colombia, 5 points from play-off and Ecuador, first live qualifier, dream allowed.

Chile (8th / 7th points / 10th day)

On the other hand, Dream is undoubtedly dead to Chile, who appeared against Peru on Thursday (Friday 2-0) night. La Rose, who will not be in the 2018 World Cup after winning the 2015 and 2016 Copa America, is slow to renew with a golden generation than ever at the end of the race. With only one win (2-0 against Peru) and already 5 defeats, it looks like Chile has become a shadow for itself. Of the 3 points scored in the last 7 matches or 21 possible, dynamic disaster. Against Paraguay and Venezuela in October, it will take a lot of time to see the slightest optimism, but it already seems to have been compromised for merit. The jump-off is at 7 points and the first 4 places are at 9 points.

Bolivia (9th / 6th points / 10th day)

Bolivia, who qualified for the World Cup in 1930, 1950 and 1994, are not in South American football in the 21st century and have a series of catastrophic events. Again it started badly with a 5-0 defeat against Brazil and despite the win against Venezuela (3-1), it seems unqualified. Tiaguanagos, who is capable of small blows, came out of three consecutive defeats against Uruguay (4-2), Argentina (3-0) and Ecuador (3-0). The next matches against Peru (X2), Paraguay and Uruguay are the last stand, but again it looks complicated.

Venezuela (10th / 4th points / 10th day)

The only South American team not to play in the World Cup, Vinodino saw a bright future ahead of U20 in the final of the 2017 World Cup (1-0 defeat against England) with Yankee Herrera, Atalberto Besaranda, Sergio Cordova or Vulgar Foris in their rankings. Despite a good generation, it is still not enough and the team is in last place with 4 points, including a short win against Chile at the start of the campaign. With 4 defeats remaining in a row the team has already dropped 10 points and will need a crazy twist to believe it will rise in the rankings. Vinodino can already think about 2026.

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