The famous roll-flaming game was last translated into French

The famous roll-flaming game was last translated into French

The years go by and confirm the global craze for roll-flaming games, which first experienced Dungeons & Dragons, the first and most popular of them all. After a prosperous 2020 based on all kinds of sales, releases and projects, the owners of Beach Wizards are focusing on European partners, with continuous translations into French, Spanish, Italian and German.

The growing interest in the Old Continent, from October 8, allows to sell the best classics of the roll-flaming game on the table, selling in the language of the original books Moliere.

The American company has thus decided to regain control of products distributed overseas, until then distributed by other brands – translated – with varying degrees of success and quality.

So everyone who speaks English should leave: “We are proud to be able to grow D&T in Europe with the addition of four new languages, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It also makes it more accessible, ”explains Dan Barrett, senior brand manager at D&T.

The book, which will be published simultaneously in different geographical areas, is priced at. 39.99 for hardback books and. 19.99 for L’Sentile, which is now available in stores and online.


Surprisingly, these are the basic books you need to embark on an adventure with your friends, which are sold first: Kid L Essential Dangans & Dragons, in unpublished French translation, has everything you need to get D&T for the first time, as well as the legendary Triptych Players Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Guide. The latter benefits from the latest edits to the English text and the translation effort compared to previous versions provided by external distributors. For players who are still hesitant to bang, Wizards of the Coast has redesigned its French version. Website, Until you subscribe to their newsletter, Boot Kit offers a free digital version in French.

Next up, on October 26th, is a collection of three books with the Basic Rules Book Gift Box – glossy cards and the “Iridasant” Dungeon Master screen. Again, this is the first French version.

Other collections, scenes, universes (Forgotten Areas, Ravenloft, ..) or additional rules, should be translated quarterly on a policy basis.

Surfing in continuous success

These releases culminate in a record year for the Wizards of the Coast, which in 2014 also follows seven years of progress since the launch of the fifth edition of the cult game, which has been particularly revitalized thanks to the open license. The brand is under attack from other competing owners and all digital.

Dungeons & Dragons can now boast of counting more than 50 million active players worldwide. Instead of being limited to the teenage geek’s regular profile, the D&T fan is now 40% a fan. Executive producer Ray Winninger says, “Even if we do not have accurate figures for the DSR period [détenteur originel de la franchise, Ndlr], We can safely say that D&D is more popular today than it was in its 47 years.


Live series, animated films, dematerialization of parts, highlights of its stellar universe, forgotten episodes including new video games, series and movie programs, among other notable signs of gameplay – invented in 1974 by Gary Kaikoks and Dave Ornason – in the world of entertainment. Generations who were able to invent this roll-flaming game many years ago were able to pass the torch on to the new generation, without neglecting new leisure habits.

Moreover, there is an evil coming from the guides of evil, because their ideal year, 2020, more or less corresponds to the beginning of strict control over epidemics in many countries, i.e. in March, the peak of historical interest in research on the web was recorded.

A presence in all media

This year 2021 is placed under the banner of video games, because the co-op action game Dark Alliance, which allows up to 4 players to enter the shoes of the most famous heroes of the forgotten area. Supports, a lot of fighting, is considered violent and brutal.

On the other hand, D&T’s video game Spearhead, Baldur’s Gate, will have to wait again for the third installment, with the developers announcing before the summer that the final release will not take place in 2021. Although there is an important update announced 3 days ago for the “Initial Access” version, a new writing class is available.

With regard to neophytes for amphibians, it is time to heat up the dice with the advent of these innovations.

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