Music by Mary Bobbins at the Prince Edward Theater

Affiche Mary Poppins
By Judith Zen Senex | Posted on 10/08/2021 at 4:28 pm Updated on 08/10/2021 at 16:42 pm

Super Califracleists Expilytosius, Prince Edward Theater Stage currently hosts the Banks family and their fantastic umbrella nanny Mary Bobbins.

Sitting comfortably in the soft chairs of the Prince Edward Theater, with a small pot of popcorn, all the audience waits impatiently for the show to begin. The curtain rises, and we head into a completely wacky and magical London for a two-hour and fifty-minute journey. The music is produced by the Disney Theater and Cameron Macintosh, the famous London theater and music producer.

The magical story of the world’s favorite Aya was successfully brought to the stage in a spectacular manner. This group of about twenty actors – singers – dancers is simply nonsense. Created fifteen years ago, this show is definitely worth a visit.

It has all the ingredients to deliver an amazing result. Viewers can see the iconic songs worn by the Disney movie, from Super Califracleist Spielitosius to Step in Time and Feeding the Birds. All with dazzling and precise dances. The music is delivered directly by a symphony orchestra at the base of the stage.

Packages and effects are the most notable elements of this show. In the form of Banks House living size, on many platforms, everything is connected by stairs. Loyal to Mary Bobbins’ magic, it is not uncommon for a character to fly or walk on the ceiling during the three hours of acting. Clothing and accessories are breathtaking and immerse us in the twentieth-century London world.

Practical information

Tickets from 20.

Prince Edward Theater, Old Compton Street, Landers, W1D 4HS.

Call the ticket office at 0844 482 5151 *.

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